Grand Reception Hall Demolished

The Grand Reception Hall was once in perfect harmony with the Grand Main Temple (Sho-Hondo) soaring behind it on the outskirts of Mt. Fuji. 

"In observing this structure, we can see its pillar stones solidly rooted in the ground, its roof soaring high toward the sky, its eaves stretching in eight directions. Indeed, this reception hall is in itself an altar in the heavens. President Daisaku Ikeda, with an outburst of joy, dedicated this great Treasure Tower to the Dai-Gohonzon of the High Sancturary I, Nittatsu, most humbly accept this magnificent offering. I pledge to keep it in fine shape, do gongyo here, and turn away the influence of the devilish functions, thus ushering in kosen-rufu." 

The Grand Reception Hall is inexerably linked with the first stage of world-wide kosen-rufu. As president Ikeda writes in the "New Human Revolution", 

"One purpose of the trip was to offer encouragement in faith to the Soka Gakkai members who were begining to appear in these areas.  Another objective was to purchase building materials for the Grand Reception Hall (Dai-Kyakuden), which the Soka Gakkai would build as a donation to the head temple. 
 At the Headquarters general meeting in which he was inagurated as the third president of the Soka Gakkai, Shin'ichi had announed the construction of the Grand Reception Hall as one of the goals he wished to complete before the seventh memorial service for his departed mentor, Josei Toda. The structure was to be built and furnished with the finest materials from around the world." 

In 1996, thirty-two years after its opening, Nikken, the alleged successor to the former high priest, Nittatsu, in a gesture of egoism, demolished the Grand Reception Hall, and in its place has ordered the building of a structure to replace it that is reminiscent of an old Japanese temple. 

These pictures of the demolition of the Grand Reception Hall are provided to help show both SGI-USA and temple members the cruelty and perversity of the priesthood of Nichiren Shoshu.


The Grand Reception Hall, donated by Soka Gakkai members in 1964, was torn down in 1996. The hall crystalized their sincerity in faith and symbolized the priesthood's appreciation to the lay organization's dedication to the development of kosen-rufu. 



The Grand Reception Hall reduced to a pile of rubble.



An artist's rendering of Nikken's new reception hall currently under construction. The structure is in the style of traditional Buddhist temples built by numerous sects.   

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Recent rumblings by the temple spin-meisters clearly indicate that this is the case.  Claiming structural faults and the rusting of the steel reinforcing bars in the concrete structures have rendered the Grand Main Temple hazardous.  The reason for the rust, the spin goes, is that in order to cut costs, the Soka Gakkai had the contractors use cheaper "Beach Sand" to mix the cement.  "Beach Sand" , with its high salt content,  corrodes the steel reinforcing rods in a short time. Further, the temple's cyber-flacks are posing the theory that when it became clear that these structural problems would necessitate the demolition of these buildings, President Ikeda fomented the break with Nichiren Shoshu in order to save himself from admitting his complicity in overseeing cost shaving shoddy construction and the Soka Gakkai the embarrassment and the cost of demolition and reconstruction. 

Of course, the destruction of the Sho-Hondo would have nothing to do with the fact that since 1991 pilgrimages to the head temple have dwindled along with finacial support to maintain such an ediface! Nor would it seem have anything to do with Nikken Abe's apparent prediliction for destroying all reminders of the Soka Gakkai's former association with Nicherin Shosu and everything associated with the 66th high priest Nittatsu! 
                                                                                                                                                         "Beach Sand" - Another B. S.  story from the Temple!!!